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Name:Real Son
Profession:Master Brolly
Guild Membership:Kwarantanna of the Epidemia Team
Last login:29 March 2020, 1:33 pm
Created:16 March 2020, 8:47 am
League Points:0

Bug Finder
Demon Hunter
Event Member
Easy Arena
Medium Arena
Hard Arena
Rich boy

Level KiLevel AttackSpeed Strenght Sword Blasting Defense
2300 119 161 74 10 10 48
Transform: Reborn
Transform: Power
Transform: Ultra
Transform: Fury
Transform: Legendary
Transform: Vehemence
Transform: Powerful
Transform: Hyper
Transform: Master

29 Mar 2020, 13:33Killed at level 2324 by Korus Najwiekszy Bobas and a rocco
29 Mar 2020, 13:24Killed at level 2347 by Dziobag Golemica and Zbychuj
28 Mar 2020, 12:39Slain at level 2370 by Pan Her Fu, Pan Sativa, Wojciech Cejrowski, Bella Delfinek and Szi Ma Va Ni Here
28 Mar 2020, 12:36Killed at level 2394 by Pan Sativa, Szi Ma Va Ni Here, Wojciech Cejrowski and Bella Delfinek
28 Mar 2020, 12:36Killed at level 2409 by Pan Sativa, Szi Ma Va Ni Here and Wojciech Cejrowski
28 Mar 2020, 12:29Slain at level 2424 by Pan Her Fu, Szi Ma Va Ni Here, Bella Delfinek, Pterohomokrasozodaktyl and Wojciech Cejrowski
27 Mar 2020, 21:43Killed at level 2392 by saiyan
27 Mar 2020, 14:39Killed at level 2413 by Vek Moj Pan, Zbychuj and a corpsepest
27 Mar 2020, 13:31Killed at level 2413 by Melepeta, Ariesik and Donald Tusk
27 Mar 2020, 10:02Killed at level 2365 by Santiago Perez, Thai'live, Psycho Analityk and a venomtooth
26 Mar 2020, 21:02Killed at level 2368 by Znika Jak Magiika, Tyjin, Soon Prince and Aka Muerte
26 Mar 2020, 18:48Killed at level 2353 by Pan Sativa and Pan Blancior
25 Mar 2020, 23:52Killed at level 2234 by type F
25 Mar 2020, 23:23Killed at level 2255 by Niebieski Koczkodan and Never'back'down
25 Mar 2020, 22:33Killed at level 2243 by Dradon and a venomtooth
25 Mar 2020, 21:25Killed at level 2244 by a fogpest
25 Mar 2020, 20:31Killed at level 2259 by a test and a test
25 Mar 2020, 10:31Killed at level 2258 by a fogpest
23 Mar 2020, 21:46Killed at level 2193 by Dziobag Golemica, Mr Sharingan, Bella Delfinek and Stachuj
23 Mar 2020, 21:45Slain at level 2215 by Bella Delfinek, Oxonek, Ruszofy Polonista, Ariesik, Znika Jak Magiika and Masny Dzikus
23 Mar 2020, 21:40Slain at level 2237 by Masny Dzikus, Stachuj, Bella Delfinek, Oxonek, Ariesik and Znika Jak Magiika
23 Mar 2020, 21:38Slain at level 2260 by Oxonek, Bella Delfinek, Stachuj, Ruszofy Polonista and Ariesik
23 Mar 2020, 21:35Slain at level 2283 by Bella Delfinek, Ruszofy Polonista, Ariesik, Masny Dzikus and Oxonek
23 Mar 2020, 20:13Slain at level 2306 by Mr Sharingan, Kasanova Wjezdza, Dziobag Golemica, Janek Kozojebca, Vek Moj Pan, El Sebasito, Kondonswirus and Never'back'down
23 Mar 2020, 20:11Killed at level 2330 by Helik Korus Bobasy, Korus Najwiekszy Bobas, Ziolo Zi and Never'back'down

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Last login:6 April 2020, 5:10 am
Created:21 September 2019, 4:22 pm
Account Status:Free Account

1. Real SonDBNS2300
Master Brolly

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