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Demonic Box
Points: 3

1x Premium Points
Points: 6

1x Outfit Box
Points: 6

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1x stamina doll (6 points)
Refill your stamina!
Demonic Box (3 points)
Get between 20 and 80 demonic essence!
Bonus Exp Soil (4 points)
Get 25% bonus exp for 3hours!
1x item upgrade (3 points)
Get bonus attack and defense! [Max +5] If you fail upgrade your item will be removed.
1x Special Backpack Box (2 points)
Get one from 3 rare backpack - 35,40 or 45 slots!
1x Iron Box (2 points)
Contains 100x Iron Bars.
1x Gift Card Box (6 points)
Get one from 3 weapon cards!
1x Boss Immunity (3 points)
You get 50% bonus for spawn boss and you have immunity for server limit of boss per day. It's working for 3 next bosses what you will kill.
1x Tools Pack (6 points)
Allow you access to cessar island
1x casino coin (6 points)
1x quest box (5 points)
You can drop from this: Blood Shards, Magic Boxes, Pots of power
1x casino coins pack (59 points)
Contains 10x Casino Coins.
1x golden scroll (10 points)
*Can buy super bless. *Can use Premium Teleporters. *Can use Power Gems. *Can buy house. *Have special house notify. *Bigger (+50%) chance for drop gems.
1x dice (2 points)
1x Premium Points (6 points)
1x Outfit Box (6 points)
Contains RANDOM new common, rare or legendary outfit for you! You can use outfit on even first transformation.

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