Character information
Name:Radomski Spamer
Profession:Master Cell
Guild Membership:Leader of the Casar Nasze
Last login:3 December 2019, 2:05 pm
Created:4 November 2019, 6:47 pm
League Points:0

Bug Finder
Demon Hunter
Event Member
Easy Arena
Medium Arena
Hard Arena
Rich boy

Level KiLevel AttackSpeed Strenght Sword Blasting Defense
2202 103 163 81 10 10 50
Transform: Reborn
Transform: Power
Transform: Ultra
Transform: Fury
Transform: Legendary
Transform: Vehemence
Transform: Powerful
Transform: Hyper
Transform: Master

28 Nov 2019, 16:08Killed at level 2216 by a venomtooth
28 Nov 2019, 15:42Killed at level 2223 by a smokemouth, a tombbrute and a vileling
28 Nov 2019, 15:37Killed at level 2227 by Przemyslaw Pisior, Elo Akashi, Nietykaljusz and Ghaanddri Tzerkek
28 Nov 2019, 15:36Killed at level 2240 by Przemyslaw Pisior and Elo Akashi
28 Nov 2019, 15:29Slain at level 2228 by a tombbrute, Domino, Jeff My Brother, a vileling and a smokemouth
28 Nov 2019, 15:28Killed at level 2238 by Domino and Jeff My Brother
28 Nov 2019, 15:23Slain at level 2215 by Inimanimlnimanimo, Essa, Magisterek, a smokemouth and a tombbrute
24 Nov 2019, 19:47Killed at level 2212 by a venomtooth
24 Nov 2019, 19:38Killed at level 2177 by Mucek, Aviiler and Dziobag
24 Nov 2019, 19:37Killed at level 2191 by Hejka Tu Lenka and Mucek
24 Nov 2019, 19:36Killed at level 2201 by Mucek, Hejka Tu Lenka and Aviiler
24 Nov 2019, 19:36Killed at level 2215 by Aviiler, Mucek and Hejka Tu Lenka
24 Nov 2019, 19:33Killed at level 2228 by Mucek, Hejka Tu Lenka and Nietykaljusz
24 Nov 2019, 19:22Slain at level 2239 by Placuszek, Guard, Aviiler, Uaa Blancior, Wale Cie Na Pizde, Sasza and Sayon-key
24 Nov 2019, 17:45Killed at level 2252 by a corpsepest
24 Nov 2019, 17:28Slain at level 2235 by No Szans My Friendd, Przemyslaw Pisior, Kasanova, El Pablito, Serduszkoo and New Owner
24 Nov 2019, 16:05Slain at level 2215 by Maatkare Hatszepsut, Przemyslaw Pisior, Serduszkoo, New Owner, Lord Skun and Kasanova
24 Nov 2019, 16:04Slain at level 2229 by Przemyslaw Pisior, Lord Skun, Lso Tdw, Serduszkoo, Maatkare Hatszepsut, Mucek, Dziobag and New Owner
24 Nov 2019, 16:03Slain at level 2237 by Kasanova, Przemyslaw Pisior, Lord Skun, Serduszkoo and New Owner
24 Nov 2019, 16:03Slain at level 2248 by Przemyslaw Pisior, Kasanova, Serduszkoo, Lso Tdw, Elo Akashi, Lord Skun and New Owner
24 Nov 2019, 16:01Slain at level 2261 by Przemyslaw Pisior, Maatkare Hatszepsut, Lso Tdw, Serduszkoo, Ghaanddri Tzerkek and Lord Skun
24 Nov 2019, 16:01Killed at level 2275 by Serduszkoo, Przemyslaw Pisior, Mucek and Ghaanddri Tzerkek
24 Nov 2019, 15:59Slain at level 2286 by Serduszkoo, Lord Skun, Skalkovskyy, Maatkare Hatszepsut, New Owner and Ghaanddri Tzerkek
24 Nov 2019, 15:57Crushed at level 2239 by New Owner, Kasanova, Lord Skun, Ssij Suta, Ghaanddri Tzerkek, Serduszkoo, Lso Tdw, Mucek, Skalkovskyy and Przemyslaw Pisior
24 Nov 2019, 15:54Slain at level 2172 by New Owner, Przemyslaw Pisior, Kasanova, Ghaanddri Tzerkek and Lord Skun

Account Information
Last login:2 December 2019, 4:52 pm
Created:22 September 2019, 2:38 pm
Account Status:Premium Account

1. Radomski SpamerDBNS2202
Master Cell

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