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Profession:Legendary Kale
Guild Membership:Member of the Mwallowce Reqa
Last login:9 July 2020, 7:24 pm
Created:21 June 2020, 8:05 pm
League Points:0

Bug Finder
Demon Hunter
Event Member
Easy Arena
Medium Arena
Hard Arena
Rich boy

Level KiLevel AttackSpeed Strenght Sword Blasting Defense
2262 118 153 60 10 10 48
Transform: Reborn
Transform: Power
Transform: Ultra
Transform: Fury
Transform: Legendary
Transform: Vehemence
Transform: Powerful
Transform: Hyper
Transform: Master

9 Jul 2020, 18:37Killed at level 2246 by a tombbrute, Testosteron Ponad Norme and a smokemouth
7 Jul 2020, 21:12Killed at level 2197 by Tetrahydrocannabinols, a smokemouth and a tombbrute
7 Jul 2020, 21:09Killed at level 2211 by a vileling, a smokemouth, a tombbrute and Matthias
7 Jul 2020, 20:55Killed at level 2219 by a tombbrute, a smokemouth and Death Came
5 Jul 2020, 21:40Killed at level 2192 by Lee Kale
5 Jul 2020, 21:39Killed at level 2205 by Lee Kale and Vonir
5 Jul 2020, 18:38Killed at level 2184 by a biotsuful and a rocco
5 Jul 2020, 18:24Slain at level 2196 by The Raped, Semion, Zawsze Ballowce, a biotsuful and The Rapist
5 Jul 2020, 17:23Killed at level 2194 by Tetrahydrocannabinols, Ciafciarafcia, Badalanbadabaada and Fredzik Na Autyzmie
5 Jul 2020, 17:22Killed at level 2207 by Tetrahydrocannabinols
5 Jul 2020, 17:18Killed at level 2221 by The Rapist, The Raped and Zawsze Ballowce
2 Jul 2020, 20:06Killed at level 2202 by Alicja Wjazd
2 Jul 2020, 19:35Killed at level 2208 by Szi Ma Va Ni, Psychopath Ziemniak and Detektyw Vek
2 Jul 2020, 19:20Slain at level 2146 by Jezus, Itzmycash, I'll Rox You, Zycie'na'oro, Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Szi Ma Va Ni, Detektyw Vek and Adamz
2 Jul 2020, 19:19Killed at level 2156 by Evesencer, Itzmycash, I'll Rox You and Domi No
2 Jul 2020, 19:18Slain at level 2165 by I'll Rox You, Itzmycash, Domi No, Evesencer and Zycie'na'oro
2 Jul 2020, 19:15Slain at level 2156 by Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Aka Muerte, Itzmycash, Psychopath Ziemniak, Szi Ma Va Ni and Evesencer
2 Jul 2020, 19:11Crushed at level 2143 by Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Jezus, Domi No, Evesencer, Psychopath Ziemniak, Jebac Ci Starego, Ssij Suta, Badalanbadabaad, Badalanbadabaada, Komarzyca, Detektyw Vek and I'll Rox You
2 Jul 2020, 19:09Slain at level 2156 by Psychopath Ziemniak, Aka Muerte, Evesencer, Szi Ma Va Ni, Detektyw Vek and I'll Rox You
2 Jul 2020, 19:07Killed at level 2162 by Psychopath Ziemniak, Szi Ma Va Ni, Asplia and Zycie'na'oro
2 Jul 2020, 19:06Slain at level 2174 by Itzmycash, Aka Muerte, Edward Mordake, I'll Rox You, Buk, Evesencer, Domi No and Policjant Trunki
2 Jul 2020, 19:01Slain at level 2155 by Aka Muerte, Policjant Trunki, Domi No, Detektyw Vek and Evesencer
2 Jul 2020, 18:52Crushed at level 2091 by Itzmycash, Edward Mordake, Zycie'na'oro, Ladniutki Eskaer, Evesencer, Jebac Ci Starego, Psychopath Ziemniak, Dnt Wareks, Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja and I'll Rox You
2 Jul 2020, 18:49Killed at level 2086 by Szi Ma Va Ni, Ssij Suta, Psychopath Ziemniak and Edward Mordake
2 Jul 2020, 18:48Slain at level 2099 by Itzmycash, Evesencer, Dnt Wareks, Psychopath Ziemniak, Ladniutki Eskaer, Komarzyca, Badalanbadabaada and Zycie'na'oro

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Last login:9 July 2020, 7:24 pm
Created:21 June 2020, 8:03 pm
Account Status:Free Account

1. TajikistanDBNS2262
Legendary Kale

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