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Profession:Master Tapion
Guild Membership:Crack-Heads of the Secret Sasquatch Society
Last login:16 February 2020, 11:34 pm
Created:27 December 2019, 8:16 pm
League Points:0

Bug Finder
Demon Hunter
Event Member
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Hard Arena
Rich boy

Level KiLevel AttackSpeed Strenght Sword Blasting Defense
2272 155 173 17 84 10 55
Transform: Reborn
Transform: Power
Transform: Ultra
Transform: Fury
Transform: Legendary
Transform: Vehemence
Transform: Powerful
Transform: Hyper
Transform: Master

16 Feb 2020, 23:34Killed at level 2295 by Gdzie Sie Kasadin
16 Feb 2020, 23:33Killed at level 2309 by Gdzie Sie Kasadin
14 Jan 2020, 21:53Killed at level 2324 by Brudna Szyjka, Elo Melo and Puchovsky
14 Jan 2020, 20:06Killed at level 2338 by Puchovsky
12 Jan 2020, 16:37Slain at level 2336 by Kale, Onimod, Laa Vidaa Locaa, Scoryblack Here and Smerf
12 Jan 2020, 16:29Killed at level 2329 by Smerf, Onimod, a smokemouth and a tombbrute
12 Jan 2020, 16:19Killed at level 2343 by Bedzie Magik, Arus and Zaraki Kenchi
12 Jan 2020, 16:14Killed at level 2308 by Bedzie Magik, Zaraki Kenchi, Ghaanddri Tzerkek and Limpz
12 Jan 2020, 16:14Killed at level 2318 by Bedzie Magik, Zaraki Kenchi, Ghaanddri Tzerkek and Arus
12 Jan 2020, 16:07Slain at level 2292 by Ghaanddri Tzerkek, Arus, Pakus, Jedzie Srebrna Kia and Kung Fu Android
12 Jan 2020, 16:02Killed at level 2291 by Arus, Bedzie Magik and Jedzie Srebrna Kia
12 Jan 2020, 00:40Killed at level 2303 by a kell, a enthk and a ylyeu
12 Jan 2020, 00:21Killed at level 2317 by Limpz
12 Jan 2020, 00:18Slain at level 2331 by Limpz, a rocco, a tapion, a alien, a alien and a human
12 Jan 2020, 00:14Killed at level 2346 by Limpz, a rocco, a human and a saiyan
11 Jan 2020, 23:54Killed at level 2360 by Limpz, a alien, a alien and a alien
11 Jan 2020, 23:53Killed at level 2384 by Limpz, a alien, a alien and a alien
11 Jan 2020, 23:52Killed at level 2399 by Limpz
11 Jan 2020, 19:34Killed at level 2409 by Kale, Only Scripts, Masny Dzik and Quo Vadis
11 Jan 2020, 19:01Killed at level 2409 by Pakus, Bedzie Magik, Arus and Kung Fu Android
11 Jan 2020, 13:22Killed at level 2402 by a tombbrute, a vileling and a smokemouth
11 Jan 2020, 12:47Killed at level 2376 by Byku and Bedzie Magik
10 Jan 2020, 23:46Killed at level 2350 by a urisa, a kay, a kalr and a kell
10 Jan 2020, 22:55Killed at level 2371 by Zza Krat Patrza Ziomki, Nii Huu Yaa, Guard and Masny Dzik
10 Jan 2020, 22:51Killed at level 2384 by Zza Krat Patrza Ziomki, Guard and Nii Huu Yaa

Account Information
Last login:19 February 2020, 8:02 pm
Created:14 September 2019, 1:47 pm
Account Status:Free Account

1. LightusDBNS2272
Master Tapion

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