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Name:Nakurwiam Kale
Profession:Vehemence Kale
Last login:18 March 2019, 8:17 pm
Created:8 March 2019, 4:16 pm
League Points:0

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Demon Hunter
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Rich boy

Level KiLevel AttackSpeed Strenght Sword Blasting Defense
2071 116 143 63 10 10 47
Transform: Reborn
Transform: Power
Transform: Ultra
Transform: Fury
Transform: Legendary
Transform: Vehemence
Transform: Powerful
Transform: Hyper

17 Mar 2019, 17:11Slain at level 2084 by Kox, Guard, King Kai, Medium Beef and P
17 Mar 2019, 17:10Slain at level 2097 by Moj Stary Hilary, To By Nic Nie Dalo, King Kai, Guard and Sierzant
17 Mar 2019, 17:09Killed at level 2110 by Kox and King Kai
17 Mar 2019, 17:00Killed at level 2123 by Kox, Wrog Publiczny and Sir Lokieto
17 Mar 2019, 16:58Killed at level 2136 by Fjutolo and Tanker
17 Mar 2019, 13:53Killed at level 2144 by Ziemniaczek, Driver, Moj Stary Hilary and Medium Beef
17 Mar 2019, 13:51Killed at level 2158 by Medium Beef, Driver, Ziemniaczek and Moj Stary Hilary
17 Mar 2019, 13:44Killed at level 2166 by Ziemniaczek and Moj Stary Hilary
17 Mar 2019, 13:42Killed at level 2178 by Moj Stary Hilary, Medium Beef, Ziemniaczek and Kox
17 Mar 2019, 13:39Killed at level 2192 by Ziemniaczek, Medium Beef and Moj Stary Hilary
17 Mar 2019, 13:31Killed at level 2205 by Tomson
17 Mar 2019, 13:16Killed at level 2218 by a Fenix
17 Mar 2019, 13:07Killed at level 2240 by Driver and Kox
17 Mar 2019, 13:00Killed at level 2251 by Tomson
17 Mar 2019, 01:54Killed at level 2265 by gruszek niszczyciel
17 Mar 2019, 01:22Killed at level 2250 by Guard, Szczury and Escanor
17 Mar 2019, 01:08Killed at level 2264 by Guard and Sobota
17 Mar 2019, 00:59Slain at level 2274 by Sobota, Guard, Stary Na Swordzie, Weed Boss and Driver
16 Mar 2019, 22:39Slain at level 2271 by a tapion, Fate Cormac Na Bombie, Kapitan Zelek, a rocco and a gunso
16 Mar 2019, 22:38Killed at level 2285 by Fate Cormac Na Bombie, Kapitan Zelek and Fejt Kormak Kocha Sterydy
16 Mar 2019, 22:36Killed at level 2299 by Fejt Kormak Kocha Sterydy, Fate Cormac Na Bombie and Kapitan Zelek
16 Mar 2019, 21:31Slain at level 2313 by Muhammadamahhmadaleali, Never'back'down, Draadon, a blazechild and No Szans My Friend
16 Mar 2019, 21:31Killed at level 2327 by Never'back'down and Draadon
16 Mar 2019, 21:30Killed at level 2341 by Draadon, No Szans My Friend and Never'back'down
16 Mar 2019, 21:26Slain at level 2356 by Draadon, No Szans My Friend, Never'back'down, Muhammadamahhmadaleali and a corpsepest

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Last login:13 May 2019, 11:09 pm
Created:8 March 2019, 4:15 pm
Account Status:Free Account

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2. Nakurwiam KaleDBNS2071
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