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1. Co to jest?

Outfit boxy mozna zdobyc z kasyna, wypadaja z nich karty z losowym outfitem.

Outfit Card box / Outfit Card

Nazwa profesji Nazwa outfitu Outfit
 Goten  Angel Gotenks
 Goten  Ghost Gotenks
Piccolo  Devil Piccolo
 Janemba  Swordsman Janemba
 Janemba  Dark Janemba
 Dende  Hellboy Dende
 Dende  Old Dende
 Dende  Dragon Dende
 Dende  Dende Mon
 Tsuful  Redhead Tsuful
 Bardock  Simple Bardock
Freeza Angel Freeza
Goku Blue Goku
Goku Big Blue Goku
Beerus Desert Beeru
C17 Evil C17
Cooler Evil Cooler
Kale Music Kale
Trunks Swordsman Trunks
Tapion White Knight Tapion
Hit Pinky Hit
Beerus sert Beerus
C18 Angel C18
Gohan Ultra Gohan
Dende Dende Monk
Gohan Swordman Goten
Brolly Angel Brolly
Cell Evil Cell
Cell Bloody Cell
Cell Hyper Cell
Uub Overpower Uub
Tapion Overpower Tapion
Vegeta  Oozaru Vegeta
Vegeta  God Vegeta
Vegeta  Devil Vegeta
Gohan  Angel Gohan
Uub  Clown Uub
Janemba  ordman Janemba

Red Outfit Card box / Outfit Card

Nazwa profesji Nazwa outfitu Outfit
Brolly  Galactic Brolly
Cell  Dark God Cell
Cooler  Dark God Cooler
Dende  Angry Dende
Beerus  Dark God Beerus
Freeza  Dark God Freeza
Gohan  Dark God Gohan
Goku  Dark God Goku
Hit  Raging Hit
Janemba  Dark God Janemba
Jiren  Energized Jiren
Jiren  Dark God Jiren
Kale  Raging Kale
Kale  Classy Kale
Piccolo  Dark God Piccolo
Tapion  Dark God Tapion
Trunks  Dark God Trunks
Tsuful  Raging Tsuful
Tsuful  Awakened Tsuful
Uub  Dark God Uub
Whis  Dark God Whis
Zeno  Dark God Zeno
C18  Dark God Android 18
Android 21  Pink Android 21
Beerus  Dark God Beerus
Beerus  New God Beerus
Piccolo  Transcended Piccolo
Piccolo  Runic Piccolo
Piccolo  Djinn Piccolo
Vegeta  Blue God Vegeta
Dende  Novice Monk Dende
Dende  Advanced Monk Dende
Dyspo  Stomping Dyspo
Dyspo  Akatsuki Dyspo
Dyspo  Bodybuilder Dyspo
Dyspo  God Dyspo
Brolly  God Brolly
Xicor  Dark God Xicor
Xicor  Angel Xicor
Xicor  Cat Xicor
Xicor  Blue Devil Xicor
Xicor  Sage Xicor
Uub  Vampire Lord Uub
Uub  Winged Uub
Piccolo  Evil Piccolo
Trunks  Trunks Traveler
Trunks  Overcharged Trunks
Trunks  Shinigami Trunks

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