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Profession:Hyper Trunks
Last login:3 July 2020, 11:23 am
Created:22 June 2020, 10:28 am
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Demon Hunter
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Rich boy

Level KiLevel AttackSpeed Strenght Sword Blasting Defense
2239 138 160 13 68 10 45
Transform: Reborn
Transform: Power
Transform: Ultra
Transform: Fury
Transform: Legendary
Transform: Vehemence
Transform: Powerful
Transform: Hyper
Transform: Master

3 Jul 2020, 11:23Killed at level 2241 by an dende, a pteros and a metal
3 Jul 2020, 11:21Killed at level 2254 by an dende
3 Jul 2020, 11:16Killed at level 2264 by an dende
3 Jul 2020, 11:13Killed at level 2276 by an dende
3 Jul 2020, 11:08Killed at level 2289 by an dende
3 Jul 2020, 10:37Killed at level 2279 by a test
3 Jul 2020, 10:16Killed at level 2279 by Great Dino, Cell and Burter
3 Jul 2020, 10:08Killed at level 2290 by Great Dino, Cell and Burter
3 Jul 2020, 09:34Killed at level 2303 by a test
2 Jul 2020, 22:00Slain at level 2276 by Yikes, Detektyw Vek, a vileling, a smokemouth and a tombbrute
2 Jul 2020, 21:41Killed at level 2289 by Detektyw Vek, a tombbrute and a smokemouth
2 Jul 2020, 20:25Slain at level 2233 by Talib Nob, Black Favorite Color, Talib, Domi No and Detektyw Vek
2 Jul 2020, 20:24Slain at level 2247 by Detektyw Vek, Talib, Talib Nob, Black Favorite Color and Domi No
2 Jul 2020, 20:02Slain at level 2223 by Domi No, Aka Muerte, Talib, Detektyw Vek, Black Favorite Color and Talib Nob
2 Jul 2020, 19:59Killed at level 2235 by Domi No, Black Favorite Color, Detektyw Vek and Talib Nob
2 Jul 2020, 19:59Slain at level 2249 by Talib, Black Favorite Color, Domi No, Aka Muerte and Talib Nob
2 Jul 2020, 19:57Slain at level 2263 by Black Favorite Color, Talib Nob, Talib, Domi No, Komarzyca, Detektyw Vek and Jezus
2 Jul 2020, 19:44Killed at level 2250 by Detektyw Vek, Talib, Black Favorite Color and Aka Muerte
2 Jul 2020, 19:37Killed at level 2237 by Black Favorite Color, Detektyw Vek, Domi No and Talib Nob
2 Jul 2020, 19:29Killed at level 2251 by Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Psychopath Ziemniak and Szi Ma Va Ni
2 Jul 2020, 19:23Slain at level 2241 by Szi Ma Va Ni, Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Psychopath Ziemniak, Jezus and Tajikistan
2 Jul 2020, 19:21Crushed at level 2255 by Psychopath Ziemniak, Itzmycash, Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Zycie'na'oro, Szi Ma Va Ni, Tajikistan, Jezus, Black Favorite Color, Ssij Suta, Tumoru, Adamz and Evesencer
2 Jul 2020, 19:20Slain at level 2268 by Zycie'na'oro, Itzmycash, I'll Rox You, Tajikistan and Szi Ma Va Ni
2 Jul 2020, 19:11Slain at level 2242 by Psychopath Ziemniak, Aka Muerte, Jezus, Szi Ma Va Ni, Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Evesencer, Domi No and Badalanbadabaada
2 Jul 2020, 19:07Slain at level 2252 by Psychopath Ziemniak, Szi Ma Va Ni, Demon Ztabliczki Ohuja, Itzmycash, Domi No, Tajikistan, Noras and Asplia

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Last login:2 July 2020, 9:24 am
Created:19 June 2020, 9:53 am
Account Status:Premium Account

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