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Profession:Powerful Vegito
Guild Membership:Leader of the JPS
Last login:21 November 2019, 9:54 pm
Created:9 November 2019, 5:26 pm
League Points:0

Bug Finder
Demon Hunter
Event Member
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Medium Arena
Hard Arena
Rich boy

Level KiLevel AttackSpeed Strenght Sword Blasting Defense
1844 108 160 70 10 10 49
Transform: Reborn
Transform: Power
Transform: Ultra
Transform: Fury
Transform: Legendary
Transform: Vehemence
Transform: Powerful
Transform: Hyper
Transform: Master

21 Nov 2019, 21:54Killed at level 1855 by Hexusowo Lexusowy, Never'back'down and Pride
21 Nov 2019, 21:52Killed at level 1866 by Hexusowo Lexusowy and a tombbrute
20 Nov 2019, 22:30Killed at level 1878 by Hejka Tu Lenka, Mucek and Ezpz Trvnki
20 Nov 2019, 22:28Killed at level 1890 by Hexusowo Lexusowy, Chopin and Pride
20 Nov 2019, 22:26Killed at level 1901 by Pride, Chopin and Hexusowo Lexusowy
20 Nov 2019, 22:24Killed at level 1913 by a tombbrute and a smokemouth
20 Nov 2019, 22:23Killed at level 1924 by a vileling, Hexusowo Lexusowy, a smokemouth and a tombbrute
20 Nov 2019, 22:07Killed at level 1892 by a fury shenron
20 Nov 2019, 22:03Slain at level 1901 by a fury shenron, a tapion, a rocco, a saiyan, a alien, a alien and a alien
20 Nov 2019, 22:02Killed at level 1913 by a fury shenron, a tapion, a hayo and a rocco
20 Nov 2019, 21:37Killed at level 1901 by a blazechild
20 Nov 2019, 16:36Killed at level 1898 by a corpsepest
20 Nov 2019, 16:35Killed at level 1910 by Przemyslaw Pisior
18 Nov 2019, 18:10Killed at level 1922 by Dawid'd, Pawel, Daniel and Alex
18 Nov 2019, 18:09Slain at level 1934 by Pawel, Lukrowany Tomi, Globek, Dawid'd, Alex, Daniel, Obsession and Samsung
18 Nov 2019, 18:08Slain at level 1946 by Pawel, Dawid'd, Alex, Guard, Daniel and Globek
18 Nov 2019, 18:04Killed at level 1958 by Serduszkoo and No Szans My Friendd
18 Nov 2019, 17:59Slain at level 1971 by Globek, Guard, No Szans My Friendd, Pan Smok, Skalkovskyy and Serduszkoo
18 Nov 2019, 17:51Slain at level 1965 by You Can Dance, Guard, Skalkovskyy, Daniel, Hexusowo Lexusowy, Never'back'down, Globek, Dawid'd and a human
18 Nov 2019, 17:44Slain at level 1960 by Alex, Ewelona, Guard, Dawid'd, Serduszkoo, Daniel, Skalkovskyy, Pan Smok and a human
18 Nov 2019, 17:36Slain at level 1958 by Pan Smok, Guard, Daniel, Vuxu, Globek, Serduszkoo and Skalkovskyy
18 Nov 2019, 16:04Killed at level 1928 by gruszek niszczyciel and Ssij Suta
17 Nov 2019, 23:12Killed at level 1879 by Alex, Daniel, Dawid'd and Mil-osz
17 Nov 2019, 23:10Killed at level 1891 by Daniel, Mil-osz, Dawid'd and Pawel Komander
17 Nov 2019, 23:03Killed at level 1902 by Mil-osz, Daniel and Pawel Komander

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Last login:3 December 2019, 7:25 am
Created:21 September 2019, 1:51 pm
Account Status:Free Account

1. SonyDBNS1844
Powerful Vegito

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